Old and crotchety or just plain old?

Apr 18, 2023 | 2 comments

Both.  That’s my answer when it comes to the Big Push to get me to do all of my banking online.  No thankyou I’ve said over and over.  And still they try — every new account, my tried and true old accounts, ALL of them are bound and determined to have me pay them through a credit card or through an online banking account.  They do NOT want me to pay by check.

That was driven home to me in yet a new way when I had to ask my local bank for an over-the-counter deposit slip.  “Yes,” the teller told me.  “Now, when you get new checks, they are only including one deposit slip in the booklet. They want you to use an online app to make your depoits”  Well, that’s okay by me.  The over-the-counter deposit slips the bank have on hand are free — you just have to go in, fill in your own account numbers, and Bob’s your uncle.

When online banking possibilities were new, I was all “in.”  But then I had a nasty experience — a wake-up call if you will.  I paid my Terminix bill online as I had been doing for several years, but then I was notified that it had not been received.  I was able to trace it “part way” — apparently the payments are routed through several offices (read several states) before your bank becomes involved.)  But then I was dead-ended.  When I contacted the online banking group, they said they couldn’t help me.  Nor could my bank.  I had to write another online check and put a “stop payment” order on the first one.  The “stop payment” cost was a good deal more than the Terminix bill and so I made a great big noisy fuss, cancelled all further dealings with Terminix, and only use online banking to keep tabs on my account now and then.  I do NOT pay bills that way.  Period.

But, no matter how many times I refuse that “service” from creditors, I continue to be hassled by them.  Why?  I’ve never made a late payment.  I don’t object to buying stamps.  I am totally happy being crotchety.  And old.  It’s sort of the opposite of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  IT IS BROKE, SO FUGGEDDABOUDIT!”

I can only think that banks, as we know them, are on their way out,  The virtual world is encroaching more and more and bartering is looking like a better alternative all the time.  Now, if I only had something worth bartering…



  1. sandy stonebreaker

    Right with you Sydney! I finally gavbe up trying to get a paper bill from Verizon so I do that one via credit card. Otherwise, everything is done by check. I suppose I have some kind of on line banking but if so no idea how to use it. As for deposit slips; you don’t even need one if you go into the bank. Found that out a bit ago. So old and croctchey, just old or maybe just stubborn.

  2. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz! Right on! I am completely in agreement with you and damn it, I LIKE RECEIPTS! I want to have something tangible and in my grubby little fist to refer to. Hail the Old and Crotchety! My mother, your good friend, used to say, “Old Age and Treachery Will Win Against Youth and Conceit!” I don’t know if that’s exactly true but I sure am with you on O and C! And we don’t care who knows it…Love, KK


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