Now that we’re one day into autumn 2021…

Sep 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Black-eyed Susans in the Autumn Sun

I can feel my spirits lift a little now that summer is really over.  I’m not sure why, but it seemed like things should have been easier and looked brighter during summer.  But nothing did.  The numbers kept climbing and people were surly and we felt more tired than usual.  Plus, here in Oysterville, the weather really wasn’t all that summery.

But yesterday and today feel just about right for fall.  A little nippy in the morning; blue skies and autumn-y leafy colors.  Some rain here and there — enough that the lawn has stayed wet all day long.  We’ve had a couple of fires in the fireplace and have begun to wonder about Christmas — will “the kids” come up and will we have a party and, if so, will my tired old outfit be okay one more time?

Bright Spots of Color on a Crisp Fall Morning

But before we get down to Christmas trees and poinsettias there’s Halloween to think of.  And Thanksgiving.  This is when I miss teaching school the most.  The best holidays come in October, November and December.   It’s a time, at least with young students, that families are the most involved in school — dads coming into the classroom to help carve Jack-O-Lanterns; grandparents joining us for a harvest meal at Thanksgiving and telling stories from “the olden days,”; a family night Christmas Program with kids teaching parents and siblings how to make origami ornaments and then decorating  the huge tree in the gym before the big holiay production.  Or don’t they do that anymore?  Probably not in these politically correct times.  And especially not during the sheltering.

I’m glad, though, that I have all those years of memories as we ease into autumn.  If not something new to look forward to, at least the comfort of recalling old experiences — when the world was predictable and the future always seemed full of hope.


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