Next Saturday (June 15th) — See you at Time Enough Books!

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Three writers with solid Oysterville connections will be reading from their works at Time Enough Books in Ilwaco next Saturday at 1 p,m.

But before I tell you about these amazing authors, let me apologize to a few of you who received an early morning (4 a.m.-ish) email from me urging you to attend this reading today,  Which was WRONG WRONG WRONG.  It’s what happens when an old lady (me) wakes up at three ayem and has somehow lost a week of time and panics.  Sorry.  I hope you all got my second email and didn’t show up at the the bookstore today — although there are few better places to be… even by mistake.

Erin Malone

NOW FOR THE REAL DEAL!   Next Saturday at one in the afternoon Erin Malone, Shawn Wong, and Jane Wong will be reading from their works… but before I continue, let me introduce each of them with a bit of insider information. Erin and Shawn live in Seattle and have had a (tiny) second home here in Oysterville since their son Peter (now in college) was just a little kid.  In those days, they were here often during school vacations.   Increasingly, both Shawn and Erin find their Oysterville place the perfect writing get-away and those of us who are here full time are seldom aware of their presence in town.  Jane also lives in Seattle but, as far as I know, is not related to Shawn.  Jane’s connection to Oysterville is through the Willapa Bay AIR where she spent a month in 2018 as Writer in Residence.

These three talented writers will share center stage next Saturday at Time Enough Books.  Erin will be reading from her second full-length collection of poetry, Site of Disappearance, released last October. In it, Erin confronts the silence that followed her 11-year-old brother’s death. Decades later, as her own son approached this age, she returned  to her childhood landscape, remembering for the first time in years the abductions and murders of two boys that shook her small town that same season…

Shawn Wong

Shawn K. Wong is a Chinese American author and scholar. He has served as  Professor of English, Director of the University Honors Program (2003–06), Chair of the Department of English (1997–2002), and Director of the Creative Writing Program (1995–97) at the University of Washington where he has been on the faculty since 1984,  He teaches courses covering critical theory, Asian American Studies (in which he is considered a pioneer), and fiction writing.  This is the 50th anniversary of Aiiieeeeee!, the groundbreaking Asian American Anthology he co-edited.  He will be reading from his novel  American Knees. 

Jane Wong will be reading from her memoir, Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City,  newly out in paperback. It has been met with much acclaim, including a recent award from the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association.  (For more information about Jane — or Erin or Shawn — Google them!  They are forces to be reckoned with!)

WOW!  What a great afternoon is in store for us!  See you Saturday at 1:00 at Time Enough Books in Ilwaco!


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