Me ‘N’ My ‘Puter

Jan 23, 2024 | 0 comments

A thinking laptop cartoon character with a question mark.

I spend a lot of time at my computer.  More than with any of my friends or loved ones and certainly more than with any other screen device.  It holds all my “secrets” (such as they are) and is the repository for much of my memory — both in pictures and words, long-term memory as well as short.

So, it’s probably not too weird that when it goes wonky, I feel disoriented and insecure.  Lately, programs that have always responded predictably have been giving me grief.  Occasionally, a familiar site presents itself differently and, scariest of all, I can’t always find my way around in once familiar territory.  I was beginning to feel like one of us has the beginnings of dementia — or maybe both of us.

So, it was a great relief to me when I called my Computer Guru and he took a look.  “You know,” he said, “your computer is pretty old now.  It may be time to consider getting a new one.”  It will have a wider screen and half-again as much memory!  At least, he didn’t suggest that it was my own aging brain that was the trouble — though I have no doubt that that’s part of the problem.  But if I can survive the learning curve of changing from old to new, my ‘puter troubles should disappear — or at least be manageable.

Although, as I think back to my first experiences in CPU-Land some forty  years ago, I don’t think my personal confusion has changed much with regard to cyberspace and its denizens. Dealing with my own aging mind, however,  would not be a matter of replacement as we all know. Becoming confused when dealing with my computer is scary enough.  I hope we can leave it at that for the foreseeable future!


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