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May 12th! Celebrating Mom, Dad, and Me!!

May 12, 2024 | 0 comments

Mom, Dad, Me – May 12, 1940

Before I became a mother, myself, whenever Mother’s Day fell on May 12th it was a double celebration in our family.  My father was born on May 12, 1909. and so Mother’s Day or not, we always celebrated.  And a must was chocolate cake — the chocolate-ier the better — for dessert.  (My dad didn’t really count anything as dessert if it wasn’t chocolate cake!)

When Mother’s Day came on May 12th, we celebrated doubly — maybe flowers and a gift for mom — but she still had to make that chocolate cake!  And when I married and became a mom, myself, we continued the celebrations, even when the miles separated us and we had to make do with sending our cards and gifts and talking long distance on the telephone.

Happy Mother’s Day from Bonus Daughter Marta!

Today, I thought of them both but it was really all about me.  Marta sent a lovely gift card from Amazon which arrived Wednesday when I was sitting out in the son with Cheryl and Virg.  “Is that for me?!” I called to the FedEx guy.  “The address  says it’s to “Sydney Stevens, My Bonus Mom” he said and we all laughed.  That Marta!

Happy Mother’s Day From My Son, Charlie!

On Friday, along  came a most beautiful  bouquet from Charlie — his much appreciated traditional gift to me on Mother’s Day.  And it was right in time for admiring comments from all the Friday Nighters!  I felt honored, spoiled, and much loved all the way around!

And today?  I am full of happy memories of Dad and Mom and of all our celebrations of one another over the years — especially the ones that came on May 12th!



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