‘leventy thousand kinks and loops… and counting!

May 18, 2024 | 0 comments

Unkinked At Last – From East Hose Bib to North Forty

One thing Nyel didn’t believe in stinting on was garden hoses.  We have 33,408 square feet of lawn. (Yikes!  Could that be right?) And we three hose bibs — one each on the south, east, and north sides of the house.  It was Nyel’s belief that we should have enough hose so that we would not ever have to change a hose from one bib to another.   He was especially dedicated to that idea once he was wheelchair-bound and the bulk of moving hoses fell to me.

All has been well until today.  I was chatting with my “Mower Guy” about the application of ammonium sulfate that he was about to begin when I noticed his assistant coiling up the longest hose.   Something seemed amiss, but I didn’t say anything — as in what possible advice could a little 88-year-old lady give a strapping young 20-something-year-old about coiling a 100-foot long hose?

No Kinks but No Water Getting Through!

I was oh so wrong,  I should have said something…   I rushed out as soon as they finished up to begin my watering regime.  (Necessary to keep the product from burning the lawn, say the instructions.)  But when I went to pull out the hose… knots, I tell you.  It was coiled in knots.  The harder I pulled the worse it got.  What a mess!  Over and under and back through one loop after another loop and pull some more.  I finally stopped.  I truly thought I’d have a heart attack from over-exertion.

South Hose Bib — Easy Peasy!

Tucker to the rescue!  The reason I was tugging and straining on this, the longest hose was that one of the other two was not working.  A clot of rust or dirt or something had jammed the sprinkler so the water could not get through..  It took him some torquing with wrench and pliers and a few good knocks with the hammer and then… voila!!! By that time I had the kinky hose straightened out and all was well with the world.  I hope.  Time will tell if I  managed to get enough water on the treated lawn to do the trick.  But if nothing else, the hoses are in great shape..  I think.




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