Just East of Downtown Oysterville

Nov 17, 2022 | 0 comments

Cyndy’s View of Our House From The Bayside Footpath – 11-3-22

Some folks call it “The Foot Path;” some “The Doggy Walk.”  In my grandfather’s day it was “Front Street” — the most easterly in Oysterville.  That, of course, was before erosion  took most of it out to sea and we were left with just a bit of high ground beyond our east meadow.

It’s a lovely place to walk and take in the vistas that nudge close by — the bay to the east or, if the tide is low, the incredibly rich tideflats stretching as far as the eye can see.  And to the west, the fronts of the oldest houses along Territory Road — simple in their construction compared with the newer 20th and 21st century neighbors.  A reminder, indeed, of less complicated times.

The Morning Sky Looking Toward The Footpath from Territory Road – Cyndy Hayward 11-17-33

Early on into our sojourn here, Nyel would mow the path now and then in the summer.  Residents and tourists and out-of-towners all loved to walk there — clear from Clay Street opposite the church up to Willapa Sea Farms at the north end of town.  When Nyel could no longer manage, our neighbor Chris took on the chore.  Everyone thanks him — even the many who don’t know he does it.  Such an addition to the village!

And, recently, neighbor Cyndy has been heralding the sunrises as she walks her dog Mimi in the mornings!  What beautiful, incredible vastness envelopes us!  Maybe we should call it “The Sky Path” — at least some of the time.  How blessed we are!


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