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Mar 6, 2022 | 1 comment

A few months back, I received a bill from OHSU for $40 for an eye refraction. (See “Around and Around We Go” – my blog of January 22nd this year).  For forty years, perhaps longer, my Blue Cross insurance has paid for my eye examinations.  But, suddenly OHSU will not submit the $40 claim from the Casey Eye Institute.  Instead, they are billing me.

“Medicare does not pay for eye exams and, therefore, no other insurance companies will either.”  That’s what we have been told by the OHSU Billing Department over and over.  It is a bald-faced lie.  Nyel, who has the same insurance  as I do (in fact he is ON MY POLICY),  just had his vision exam paid for by Blue Cross last fall.

We have repeatedly asked OHSU to submit this claim to my Blue Cross insurance. We have repeatedly checked with Blue Cross and have found that OHSU has not done that. On Friday, ever-patient-Nyel again called the OHSU Billing Department.  Again I heard him say, “They cannot pay the claim if you refuse to submit it.  May I please speak to your supervisor?”

Hour after hour he stayed on the phone asking for yet the next supervisor and being told the party line until… someone would have to call him back.  That didn’t happen Friday and probably won’t happen Monday.  Our friend Steve says, call the President of OHSU and sent us the contact information for the President of OHSU, Dr. Danny Jacobs, as well as for members of the OHSU Board of Directors.   Nyel says he’ll try calling a few of them.

Meanwhile, I am asking myself if jeopardizing my credit rating is worth the forty bucks.  I have until the 9th to pay this bill before OHSU turns it over to a collection agency.  Doncha just hate bureaucracy?  Do they look at my personal information, see that I am an 86-year-old woman and just stick it to me?  Has my Blue Cross plan been mistakenly paying for my eye exams for the last forty years or so?  These are the burning questions that keep me awake into the wee hours.  And why is it that the OHSU Billing Department hires only people who cannot or will not deviate from a script which has no relevance to the caller’s concerns?

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  1. Caroline Miller

    The bureaucracy deliberate attempt’s to wear us down. If we all had Nyel’s patience, we’d wear them down.


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