I definitely know the feeling…

Nov 21, 2022 | 1 comment

I have thoroughly enjoyed re-reading the few books of Ellis Peters’ Cadfael series that I’ve found on my shelves.  I love her use of language, her character development and the way she puts me right into the midst of England’s twelfth century turmoil.  I’d gladly read all the rest of her series (I think there were twenty) but I’d also like to know more about the history of Wales, the land of Brother Cadfael’s roots.

With that in mind, I went online looking for “the best history” of Wales, and right away I found that under her real name  (Edith Pargeter), Peters had already written two series about medieval Wales (The Brothers of Gwynedd quartet and The Heaven Tree trilogy ). While this was not exactly what I was searching for, I am intrigued and will definitely add the books to my Christmas wish list!

But the actual history (as opposed history written with a fictionalized account)of Wales recommended over and over again was A History of Wales by John Davies.  The best review I read was by a young woman whose comments about her well-loved copy of the book, about the notes in the margins, about the book being in tatters, and about her several meetings with the author were the clinching remarks for me.  Until… she concluded her review with a sentence that said, “when I was living.”  I wish I could find that review again,  Her wording was perfect!  I can truly say, “I know the feeling.”


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  1. Jenny Valencourt

    Most of my genetic background is from this part of the world, so I am fascinated by so much about it. My thoughts are likened (sadly? James Michener style) to the geology, then adding species of creatures that inhabit the area. I know there have to be some juicy historical books out there…if not, hey? Whatcha’ doin’ hahaha xoxo


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