Happy 95th Gordon! (1926-2014)

Jul 23, 2021 | 2 comments

Gordon In The Bath c. 1925

For the eighth consecutive year, the Gordon-and-Roy-Picnic Group gathered to pay tribute to Gordon, instigator, picnic planner, and martini maven extraordinaire.  There were lots of us missing besides Gore and Roar.  In fact, the only members of the old Picnic Group in attendance were Nyel and me and, as far as we know, the only other two still alive and kicking are Patty and Noel.  They, unfortunately, were otherwise occupied with a milestone of their own — Noel’s daughter was in town to celebrate her 60th.  Time flies!

But Gordon’s indomitable spirit and vast interests were  well represented, anyway.  His niece Karen and husband Bill were here from Sumner — full of stories about Gordon’s mother (“Grandma” to Karen) who lived to be almost 107!  Bill and Sue and Carol (with Tucker) were here representing the Mystery Book Club — a late-in-life group that Gordon helped found around the turn of the century.  (This one.)

Herb, Karen, Sydney at Gordon’s 95th!

Herb-the -Christmas-Elf came, too.  He was one of Gordon’s friends who helped him put up his incredible Christmas decorations during those final years that he could no longer quite manage by himself. I told Herb that Nyel and I are getting to that point, ourselves, and he said, “Just call!  I’d be glad to help!”

The food was picnicky beginning with hot dogs, chips, and pasta salad — Gordon would have loved it.  There was lemonade (Sorry, Gordon, no martinis!) and (of course) watermelon and cookies for dessert.  The Gordon stories were non-stop — most of them funny but a few eyes besides mine watered up a bit.  All-in-all it was a birthday to remember.  I think Gordon would have approved!

Carol, Nyel, and Tucker


  1. Shari Cooley

    Love this!
    I am Roy’s niece, daughter to his sister Gunny who is still alive and well and resides with me, she is 93!

    I’ll look for you on Facebook. Karen had forward this to me.


    • sydney

      Great to “meet” you Shari! We loved Roy and missed him terribly after he died — for Gordon’s sake as well as our own! How wonderful to learn that Gunny is still living. 93 is quite an accomplishment!


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