“Full Disclosure” …as they say.

Aug 27, 2023 | 1 comment

After dinner last night, I put my feet up “for just a minute” fully intending to write my blog before bedtime.  End of story, almost.  I did surface long enough to turn off the lights (most of them) and go to bed, never giving a single thought to the blog title I had written earlier in the day.  It was a great title (I thought) and would immediately trigger whatever pearls of wisdom I had decided to share with my stalwart readers.

This morning, when I finally got back to my computer, there were those provocative words, “Full Disclosure.”  Unfortunately they didn’t provoke a single thought.  Damn!  But that’s the way it is these days now that I’m on the shady side of 87!  I don’t like to think that “I am losing it.”  Rather, I look at these little memory lapses as flashes of brilliance that were so amazing, they burned themselves out before I could fully grasp them.

And, if truth were told, I think I’ve always had those momentary blank spots — probably we all have them.  The difference now is undoubtedly one of frequency and duration.  Or maybe it’s that I’m now overly fond of some of my brilliant thoughts and losing the ability to share them is more annoying than it used to be.  Who knows?

I remember saying to Nyel (back in plummier days) when he was trying to remember something “important” to tell me just before bedtime — “If you think of it, don’t wake me up.  Tell me in the morning…”  I can’t remember now whether he did or didn’t.  I guess whatever it was, wasn’t all that crucial.  A lot like whatever I was going to “fully disclose.”

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  1. Caroline Miller

    I share you age. I share your memory gaps. I may steal your blog title if I don’t foreget it.


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