“…For the rain it raineth every day.”

Oct 26, 2022 | 0 comments

The Droeshout portrait *1623)of William Shakespeare as it appears on the title page of the first folio. This is the final, or second state, of the engraving.

And so we enter “Shakespeare’s Season” as I sometimes think of these dreary autumn days  — the days of relentless rain.  But then I remember that those familiar words — “The rain it raineth every day” were first uttered by an unnamed fool in “King Lear” — my least favorite of all the Bard’s tragedies.

The complete quote from Act 2, scene 3 is: “He that has and a little tiny wit / With heigh-ho, the wind and the rain / Must make content with his fortunes fit, / For the rain it raineth every day.”  Maybe it’s the part about the “little tiny wit” that makes me move past the rain lament and get on with things.  More or less.

But, there’s no mistaking the change of mood that comes with the first rains of autumn here in Oysterville.  I guess I’d categorize it as “resignation.”  Most of us have pretty much finished battening down our hatches in preparation for what’s sure to come.  Yesterday a neighbor and I talked about our water supply should the power be interrupted and the pump unable to pull water from the well.

“I have a two or three days’ supply of bottled water,” I said.  “It’s left over from the days when I had to replenish the chicken’s fresh waater supply every few days.”  We determined that unless there was a massive problem, coverage for a two or three day period should be plenty.  “But you could fill your bathtub just in case…”

Which all seems just a bit ridiculous when “The rain it raineth every day.”



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