For the first time ever — a self-assessment!

Feb 27, 2023 | 1 comment

I decided that with only 30 hours or so left before I officially enter my 88th year and can say that I am age 87, perhaps I should do a little self-assessment.  You know — how are things looking, feeling, behaving.  And no, I’m not documenting with visuals.  Just a few general impressions that (if I remember) I can compare with a year from now.

So… first my mental situation.  Gradually declining, I’m sure, but better than it was before Nyel died.  Without him to depend upon for remembering (or finding) the items I tend to discard along my way, I’ve had to find other ways to cope.  One is trying to adhere more strictly to routines and that includes where I put the things I use all the time — vitamins, keys, hairbrush…  If it goes back to the same place EVERY time I use it, I have a shot at finding it next time.  So a + or two for mental acuity.

Physical Assessment — overall, scarey.  I have lost ten pounds since Nyel left me — mostly because the learning curve is steep when planning, shopping, preparing meals for one — especially for someone who loves good food but hates to cook.  And I was spoiled every meal for forty years.  On the other hand I’ve lost two inches in height in the last few years  No longer am I “five feet two, eyes of blue.”  Now it’s “…speakin’ of my sweetie pie, only 60 inches high…”

I think most of the weight loss has been from a serious reduction in muscle mass in my thighs and upper arms.  (Pushing Nyel’s 150-170 pounds in the wheelchair day after day was a great exercise program!)  And of course, as the muscle has disappeared the crepey skin has come to taunt me.

Otherwise — except for dim eyesight, fuzzy hearing, and a few agéd looking teeth, I think I’m doing okay.  My balance is still pretty good — don’t need a cane yet.  Emotionally, I’m no more (or less) mature than I ever was; I still think it’s pretty boring to be “well-balanced” in that department.

Will I leap right into an exercise regime and begin working on some of these situations?  Not on your tintype!  With apologies to my more physically inclined friends, I didn’t like PE in school, I’ve never seen the point in walking, jogging, wearing myself to a frazzle.  But, as the weather warms up and I feel comfortable outside, I’ll get busy in the garden and that may help…

And (if I remember) we’ll compare this year’s assessment with next year’s.  YIKES!

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  1. Bonnie

    All in all, you sound quite remarkable! But you always were.


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