Flash Gordon in Oysterville!

Apr 9, 2016 | 1 comment

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

It was a relatively quiet Friday Night at our house last evening – just three guests and us if you don’t count Superhero Flash Gordon.  In the spirit of ‘you never know what or who Tucker might bring for his show-and-tell,’ the life-sized (not quite) Flash spent a couple of hours in our living room, though he was obviously in a hurry to be somewhere else.

Tucker had rescued poster-boy Flash some time ago from a vacated apartment.  He took Flash home, trimmed his frayed edges, affixed him to plywood and cut the mounted the 1950s spaceman to shape.  They arrived direct from Portland just a little bit late for the Friday Night gathering.   It was Flash’s first time in Oysterville — as far as we know.

The conversation turned from one thing to the next and suddenly we were in our usual Old Folks’ Muddle of trying to remember someone’s last name.  (Tucker and Carol had taken a chair for re-upholstery to Karl Mead shortly before he died and we were trying to remember the name of Karl’s step-daughter who might know that chair’s whereabouts.)  Flash was no help at all so I turned to some of our old Guest Books, recalling that Cordie had once come to a House Concert here.

From the Past

From the Past

It turned out that the Guest Books became my own show-and-tell.  They were the three most recent ones (though not the current one) and went back to 1998.  Carol, Tucker and I each thumbed through one and spent twenty minutes or so on a pleasant walk down memory lane.  We found that Nyel and I had hosted our first House Concert on January 28, 2001.  Randal Bays was the musician and among the guests were my mother Dale Little, Ed and Sandy Stonebreaker, Virginia Holway, Sharon VanHeuit, the Malcolm McPhails, the Erik Fagerlands, the Michael Mathers’… an audience of 30 in all!

And the beat goes on...

And the beat goes on…

Carol was the one who found Cordie’s name, written on March 25, 2001 when she was a guest at Casey Killingsworth’s concert – the one in which he traced his musical past through the cars he had owned since his teenaged years.  It was out second concert and, even after fifteen years, I remember it well.

From superheroes to superb friendships – it was a memorable Friday all the way around!

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  1. Caroline Miller

    Sounds like the Wachsmuths have become integrated into the community and the community likes it. I do understand. Of course, having Flash for a neighbor is pretty classy, too.


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