February! My Favorite Month!

Feb 1, 2018 | 4 comments

There has never been a doubt in my mind that the very best month of all is February.  It’s not absolutely perfect weather-wise, of course, but I’m basically an indoors kind of girl so I can easily overlook the weather.   And never mind all those poets who say things like February, month of despair,/with a skewered heart at the center. (Margaret Atwood)

I first loved February because it’s my birthday month.  And then I loved it because it’s not like other months – it doesn’t always have the same number of days.  And sometimes, like this year, it doesn’t even have its own full moon. Usually my birthday is on the last day, but sometimes it’s not.  And, thank goodness, it’s the shortest month no matter what.

Also, it’s the month that’s all about valentines and special candies and secret admirers.  As if that weren’t enough, when I was a girl we had two (count ’em, two!) days off from school – Lincoln’s birthday and Washington’s birthday.  I still think of the 12th and the 22nd as holidays.  Just one “Presidents’ Day” is wrong.  All wrong.

February is when the crocuses poke up.  And the daffodils and hyacinths are making headway, as well.  For my very first dinner party of the month, camellias for the table!  There are ducks and brant in “Little Lake” (named by Tucker in honor of my dad) out in our meadow.  There are Canada geese in the big lake near Willard’s Bench.  The eagles put on a daily show as they soar circles over the village.  There are patches of brilliant blue in the sky almost every day.

When I was little, I always hoped for a February snowstorm.  A few days off from school and time to make a snowman, maybe.  Now… I’m content to enjoy the warmth of my fireside, nodding over a good book.  February.  Short, sweet, snuggly February!  It’s definitely my favorite!


  1. Bruce jones

    I especially like February because I think it’s the month with the fewest interruptions. I think we get less phone calls, less hustle and bustle, more time to reflect and focus on what we think is important. Makes me happy.

  2. Nancy Lloyd

    Charming essay! Thanks so much, and … happy birthday!

    • sydney

      I’d be interested in knowing your reasoning on this matter.
      Sydney Stevens, retired teacher


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