Apr 24, 2023 | 4 comments

Charlie at 8 months

The first time my son stayed overnight with my folks, he must have been about  a year old.  They (Granny and Grandpa) were living in a one bedroom apartment on Nob Hill in San Francisco (not all that far from our place in Belmont) and, for some reason Charlie’s dad and I had to be gone a few days.  So…

I don’t remember the sleeping arrangements for Charlie, but the folks did get a high chair.  As I recall, his first meal with them was breakfast — maybe something like oatmeal and  toast with jam.  He was determined to feed himself which my patient mom encouraged, messy though it was.  But, about halfway through the cereal (and, of course, when Granny was not paying full attention), Charlie  gave the bowl a vigorous two-handed shove off the highchair tray and shouted with great glee, “DONE!”  Well, you can imagine…

Ready to Return

“Done!” became another Household Word To Live By — especially for something that had become wearisome beyond bearing.  So… I say to you today, “DONE!” with regard to my television and all its various previous providers!  YAY!!  DONE!  DONE!  DONE!

Need One? Let me know.

Yesterday Clark Wachsmuth did the finally dismantling of the Direct TV magic electronic box which was still connected to our TV and it is packed up in the  provided shipping box to be returned via the USPS.  Now, as far as I know, all of my “devices” (computer, cell phone, roomba, Kindle, and TV) are fully dependent upon the internet services of Spectrum.

Fingers crossed and… DONE!  (Though I do have a fine DTV Dish free to whoever would like to disconnect it from its moorings and take it away!)



  1. Kristina Jones

    Dear Cuz, thanks so much for DONE! And don’t forget out other phrase…”Don’t Tell Mom”… Love, KK

  2. Sheila in Yakima

    A creative idea for the Direct TV dish…. Perhaps just paint that puppy a nice bright color, tip it level, fill it with water & you have a nice bird bath.

    • sydney

      Great minds! I thought about that — only I was thibking blue paint! But, in reality, I’m trying to simplify my life and don’t need another piece of “yard art” to keep clean etc. (However, you are welcome to it if you are ever here from Yakima and can pick it up! Sydbet


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