Come to the Oysterville Schoolhouse next Wednesday!

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Full Disclosure:  I am offering this workshop in the interest of history.  Like many folks who are getting on in years, I have become increasingly concerned with the past. — not only with the long-agos, but with the short-agos as well.  My primary interest isn’t with the grandiose biographies of kings and statesmen and military giants — not even with descriptions of castles and fiefdoms or even with the amazing archaeological discoveries concerning our Neolithic ancestors.  No..  I’m more interested in what I remember about my own early years — of how we lived during WWII and how we reacted to Kennedy’s assassination and where we did our shopping before malls and Big Box Stores and the internet.  You know — the things we took for granted but that our grandchildren have absolutely NO concept about.

It’s not the “history” that’s taught at school.  And very often, we who lived it are so taken up with keeping up — with learning the new technologies and figuring out how to open the latest in innovative packaging — that we don’t take time to look back.    But at the current rate of change, ihe world in which we grew up will be as unknown to our posterity as the way of life of the hunter-gatherers is to us.  As I see it, the only way that future generations will know our history is for us to tell our stories.

I have a fun way to get you started.  And even if you only write about one incident in your life and never write another, it will be a story that no one else has written.  And, hopefully, it will be there for a future generation to consider.  How I wish that some of the “Characters for Early Pacific County” that I’ve been writing about for the Chinook Observer had written about even one of their experiences. Mostly, our look at their lives is from second or third or fourth-hand information.

Come on over to Oysterville on Wednesday.  I’ll show you an easy way to leave some gems for posterity!  And, hopefully, have fun doing it.













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