Closing In on Closing In… and Cleaning Out

Sep 15, 2011 | 1 comment

Almost Finished!

     The roofers have been working hard at Bradley’s all week, trying their best to beat the rain.  It looked like they would finish up yesterday and just in time, too.  Nyel reports that today’s forecast on his i-phone is ‘rain.’
     I’m never happy to see a rainy day.  Never mind that we’ve had very little precipitation for more than a month.  And never mind that we’ve had to lug the hoses around the garden for weeks now.  And never mind that the burn ban is in effect and our burn pile is mountains high.  Dry, sunny days are what I like best.
     But I love our green forests and lush meadows, too.  And, as my sainted mother long ago advised me, you can’t have it both ways.  I could easily compromise on the Camelot Method – rain only at night.  I think the lawn would like that, too.  I read somewhere that grass does its major growing at night.
     But, the rains will come – if not today, then tomorrow – and with them will come the instigation of a new rule at our house:  on every rainy day we plan to empty and deal with the contents of one of the boxes in our storage room.  We are determined to get rid of some of that “stuff” that has been accumulating over several lifetimes.
     If we have as many rainy days as usual this coming winter, we should make good progress.  We shall see…

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    Sydney: love the rain only at night comment.


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