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A Visit from the Red House Cousins

Sunday, November 10th, 2019

Ab, Gin, Sydney, Dan, Si – November 9, 2019

We were just sitting down to lunch when there was a knock at the door and  in burst a bundled-up smiling, very tall and very familiar young person.  It took me a minute to realize that it was my cousin Gin.  Eleven years old, now taller than I am, and wearing shoes two and a half sizes larger than mine!  Recognition took me a few seconds!  What a treat!

“May I go look for eggs?” she asked.  It’s been her “job” since she was old enough to reach into the nest boxes.  She triumphantly brought back two lovely brown eggs.  “They’re cold,” she said, the implication being that I hadn’t checked recently.  I assured her I had looked in the early morning.  (Why did I feel defensive?  I think it’s just that she’s been totally competent about EVERYthing from the day she entered this world.  I think I could  turn over all household duties to her and the transition would be seamless.) She also reported that the new hen and rooster are “ginormous!” — a conclusion with which we agree  wholeheartedly.

Nyel with Ab and Dan – Nov. 9, 2019

She stayed long enough to tell us that she had auditioned for “Aladdin” which will be presented by Seattle’s Broadway Bound Children’s Theater in January.  She was cast as Abu, “the irrascible little monkey who is full of personality, and easily fascinated by sparkling riches.”  I don’t know about the sparkling riches aspect, but the rest of the description offered online fits Gin to a ‘T’.

Later in the afternoon, Gin brought the whole family calling — Mom Ab with Dad Dan and brother Si.  We learned about Ultimate Frisbee from seventh-grader Si who told us that it’s all about running and he LOVES it.  And his team is way better than the eighth grade team.  Yay, Si!

We learned that all of them, plus Ab’s sister Anna and Rob and their children, plus Ab and Anna’s dad, Jim (Grandpa Hook), plus Rob’s dad (Grandpa Spooner), plus Dan’s mom and dad (Grandma and Grandpa Ronco) will be back in a couple of weeks to celebrate Thanksgiving.  On the Friday!  I’m so glad!  It makes my heart sing to know that the Red House is still at the center of Espy celebrations now and then.

“The Red House” by Sedem Akposoe – 2010

Plus… they told us that friends would arrive later in the day for their first “Beach Experience” which translates, they explained, to “Oysterville Experience.”  They lamented the weather (a little) and that there wasn’t a clam tide (a little) — but knowing the Red House Cousins, they will find plenty to do with their guests — even if it’s getting into the Dress Up Trunk or exploring the nooks and crannies of the old house or building a fort in the rain.

Thanks to all of you Roncos for warming our cockles once again!!!  We love you all!