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Holiday Picnic at Our House!

Monday, May 31st, 2021

Lynn Madigan In Full Picnic Mode!

It’s not every day (or even every holiday!) that friends bring a picnic right in through your front door!  But that’s what happened at our place today!  At high noon here came Michael and Lynn Madigan with fried chicken, green bean salad, pissaladèire which was a flatbread with all sorts of goodies on top. Plus oysters on the half shell ready for the barbecue.  Oh, yes.  And Prosecco.  Close on their heels came Pat and Erik Fagerland with potato salad, ice tea and, most importantly, the grill.  (We could have supplied that but… we were told just to set the table and set ourselves down.  So we did.)

Michael Madigan Prepping Oysters For The Grill

We’d had a couple of days notice — enough so I could get a messy “project” cleared off the dining room table, a new leaf added, and six places set with Fiesta Ware and Sterling Silver.  I have to say here that the old oak table hardly knew what was happening.  She’s been laden with project after project since the sheltering began and having a luncheon party was almost more than she could manage!  But she and I both thought the bright dishes and gleaming utensils (recently polished during one of those “projects”) made the old dining room look especially festive.

And, I’d suggest you eat your hearts out looking at the pictures but none of us (spelled N-O-N-E) of us with our fancy schmancy cell phone cameras thought to take pictures once the food was set upon the table.  We were way too busy talking and eating, eating and talking!  It was fabulous!



Coming Up: The Oyster Crackers in Concert!

Monday, November 16th, 2020

Mark your calendars!  Two days after Thanksgiving — another Blessing coming our way!

Here come the holidays!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Nyel (who follows these sorts of things) tells me that roast chicken is going to be the centerpiece of most Thanksgiving meals this year  So says the internet. That won’t be a change from “the usual” for us.  We’ve been a family of two for Thanksgiving for many years now.  But, I am just a tad concerned that whole chickens will become the new shortage — the déjà vu of the run on toilet paper last Spring.

Just in case the girls are catching wind of the trends on the chicken telegraph, I’ve reassured them that we won’t be looking in their direction should we run into a problem.  Too old and too tough — although I didn’t put the news in those terms.  I don’t know that Chef Nyel has a back-up position, but I’m sure he’ll come up with something festive no matter what.  Something to be thankful about — along with so many other blessings this November 2020!

And, from my cousin Lina Biegl in Austria, we have received our first Christmas gift of the year!  It’s a darling Advent Calendar featuring a glittery carousel with Santa and all the sugar plums and surprises anyone could wish for!  And, about the glittery part, it says on the back: “Hadebeglittert in Deutschland – Glittered manually in Germany.”  I love that!

This is our second-ever Advent Calendar.  The first was last year from Lina’s sister, Eva Legerer, who wanted us to share in a tradition that they have enjoyed since childhood.  (And actually, last year’s calendar was sent by Eva but she said it was from the two of them; I think that’s probably true this year, as well, though Lina didn’t mention it.)

We can scarcely wait for Advent to begin.  November 29th is the date!  Last year we opened a little window each morning during our pre-dawn Coffee Hour.  It brightened the start of every wintery day until Christmas Eve and we wondered how we had grown so old without experiencing such a pleasurable tradition before!  Thank you so much, my beloved Austrian Cousins, for introducing this wonderful custom!  And for remembering again!