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And I quietly drizzled along!

Tuesday, June 14th, 2022

The Oyster Crackers, 2021

Yesterday morning I had the privilege and pleasure of sitting over at the church while the Oyster Crackers rehearsed for Vespers.  They are the first music group scheduled for the summer — JULY 19th, 3 o’clock.  Mark your calendars!

 I had heard that they decicated a song about “wood chopping” to Nyel at their Peefroming Arts Center performanace last week and I was curious.  Of course I wept through the whole thing, even though it was toe-tappingly upbeat.  (But then I quiety drizzled along through most of their songs yesterday — Nyel loved them all!)

Randal Bays and Susan Waters, 2019

Besides satisfying my curiosity and engaging in a bit (just a tad) of personal wallowing, I wanted to get a feel for their upcoming Vesper program.  I’ll be presenting the first “Oysterville Moment” that Sunday and I’d like my remarks to be in keeping with this year’s brand new Vespers format.  It will lean more heavily on the music aspect of things than previously and the line-up of our talented local friends as well as of the five or six accoustic groups from farther away is impressive indeed.

Fingers crossed that the summer will softly open its arms to us all so that we can truly enjoy and be uplifted and renewed by our summer Music Vespers series after its long hiatus!