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Carol and Hulda and Lilacs and Me!!

May 11, 2024 | 0 comments

Carol Documenting The Signage!

Today had been long awaited — a trip to the Hulda Klager Lilac Gardens in Woodland with my good friend and neighbor Carol.  It was my birthday treat to her — long overdue because the gardens are only open for the 23 days just prior to and including Mother’s Day and, perhaps more importantly, because we’ve had a rather cold and rainy and unconducive-to-blooming spring.

But what a glorious day today was — weather-wise, travel-wise (Carol drove!  So who was being treated, really?   I ask you!) and every other-wise.  We laughed and talked our way there and back and, of course, settled most of the world’s problems with no effort whatsoever.

Hulda Klager’s Home

We arrived at the gardens just in time to take a tour of Hulda Klager’s house — a lovely farm house built in 1889 (just 20 years after this Oysterville house was built).  There were many similarities, especially in the furnishings but the house, itself was quite different.  I reminded myself that this house was built using plans brought from the Isle of Man by the Crellin Family in 1854 which probably accounts for many of the differences.

Hulda’s Parlor

Carol loved the quilts on display — several by Hulda, herself.  I loved the 1890-ish photograph of girls all dressed in their Sunday best (hats and all) at “The Beach” — very probably our beach for this was the destination from the “inland valleys” during the hot summers — the time of the T.J. Potter plying the river to and from Portland and the Papa Train taking visitors the length of the Peninsula to enjoy our refreshing ocean breezes!

Speaking of which — we could have used a few of those today, too.  It was hot in Woodland!  We wandered the grounds, visited the museum, sat on a bench or two in the gardens enjoying the beauty of it all!  When we left, we drove to the nearest Tesla recharging station in Ridgefield — a new experience for me.  In twenty minutes, fully charged, we headed homeward, stopping at the McMenamins Kalama Harbor Lodge for a late (and yummy) lunch and a huge glass of lemonade!

Carol At It Again — Documenting the Signage!

We stopped one more time — at Safeway in Astoria for coffees to see us home — and who should be in front of us in line but Sturges and Laurie Dorrance — on their way to NYC and the best list of  Broadway plays and museums and exhibitions you can imagine.  And you know what?  Carol and I weren’t one bit jealous!  We were replete!


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