Brave, Upstanding, Cheerful and Prompt!

Feb 23, 2023 | 1 comment

Brave Soul!  Photo by Tucker Wachsmuth

When Tucker called and offered to pick up my mail this blustery morning, there was no hesitation about my reply. I had already decided that I would gladly skip today in order to avoid that howling wind and  those icy snow-specks that can’t even stick around to be counted.

He literally blew along my porch a few minutes later, arriving with two puny catalogs from WSU Press.  Period.

Daffodils!! A Bouquet in February 2021.

But then, mail delivery complete, he showed me the picture he’d taken directly north of our garage — right against the fence that in spring and summer (we hope to heaven) will again enclose the cannon.  But now — just wind, snow-specks and one lone “Brave Soul” as Tucker called it.  A daffodil!  And a beauty at that!

She’s the first one of the year here at this house and I can’t believe she wasn’t already whipped and ripped to pieces.  (Maybe by now she is.  I haven’t the courage to go look.)

Brave Soul, indeed!  Who’da thunk I’d be feeling shamed by such a lovely, delicate gift from Mother Nature?  Maybe tomorrow, if that dreaded wind abates, I’ll go and tell her in person how she made my day!

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  1. Bruce Jones

    They showed up all over the Northern California coast, starting last week, in spite of rain, wind and even some snow.


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