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Ghost Stories Of The North Beach

Sydney’s  Ghost Stories Of The North Beach, originally printed in serial form in the Chinook Observer in 2008, is now available in a Kindle edition. Sydney says, “It just seemed appropriate to publish these ghost stories in virtual form which is a kind of a ‘ghost book’!”  The stories are set in the southwestern corner of Washington State where the people of the North Beach Peninsula take pride in their pioneer heritage and in the stories of their hardy forebears.

Among the tales told on long winter evenings are accounts of sea captains and innkeepers, star-crossed lovers and victims of violence…and ghosts.  The chronicles in this collection, Ghost Stories of the North Beach, are told by real people and concern actual places and events. Many of the incidents are documented by early newspaper articles, church records, and personal correspondence.  As to the authenticity of the ghosts… each reader will need to decide for him/herself.

Ghost Stories of the North Beach sells for $7.99 through Amazon.

Copyright ©2008 by Sydney Stevens