Big Doings and A Major Decision

Jul 9, 2021 | 0 comments

In 1956, the C.L. Smith Family bought the property just north of the Heckes place and separated from the R.H. Espy House by the grassy lane called Division Street.  This weekend, some sixty-five years later, the Smith’s great-grandson is getting married on that property, part of which is still in the family.  His mother and father were also married in Oysterville — in the historic church some 31 or 32 years ago, I think.

Since their arrival in Oysterville, all generations of the Smith family have been “summer people” as I, myself, was until I moved here permanently in the 1970s.  And, it wasn’t until then that I began to know the family — sisters Anne Kepner and Jean Stamper who, with their husbands, would eventually build two places on the property.  Jean and Wayne’s, to the south, incorporated the original cabin; Anne and Jim’s to the north was a new construction, lovingly designed to fit in with “Old Oysterville.”

Smith Cabin, 1984

Like so many Oysterville property owners, the Smith descendants have embraced the village.  No matter that they don’t live here full-time.  No matter that they spend most of their years far from this little corner of the world.  They come back to mark important occasions in their lives — like this weekend’s wedding.  It’s the way of many folks who have been connected to Oysterville over the years.

Kepner and Stamper Homes, 2006

This evening is the big rehearsal dinner on the old Smith Property.  The father of the groom has asked General Nyel if the cannon could be fired to mark the beginnings of the festivities — at 5:30.  The General has arranged for militia members to gather  here at 5:00 and the dinner party will “parade” to the cannon grounds for the big bang.  As Major and Aide de Camp to the General, I have decided that my place this evening is inside our house as hostess with our usual Friday Night guests.  A “Major” decision on my part… so to speak.  I’m pretty sure the General and The Honorary Oysterville Militia members will have things well in hand without my services on this stellar occasion!


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