Around and Around We Go!

Jan 5, 2022 | 1 comment

Sydney In Glasses

Nyel is patient to a fault.  He has been on the telephone all afternoon to OHSU Billing Department, Blue Cross Insurance, Casey Eye Clinic in Astoria, Blue Cross again, Casey Eye Clinic again and now back to OHSU Billing Department again.  All over a bill for $40.00 that we don’t think we are responsible for.

At first, we thought oh what the heck, let’s just pay it.  But then as the stupidity and run-around increased, Nyel dug his heels in.  The bill was to me and was for a refraction (an eye examination) that I had back in November.  When Nyel called the number on the back of the bill, he was told (and I quote) “Medicare doesn’t pay this and so neither will your insurance company.  We did not bill them.”

Say what?  So far as I can remember Blue Cross has ALWAYS paid for my refractions; it’s one of the reasons I’m glad I have the vision insurance option. Nyel and I talked about that over lunch and then Nyel called Blue Cross to ask if what the OHSU billing person had told him was so.  No, it’s not.  (Duh!!)    Blue Cross said that they were not billed for my eye examination by Casey Eye Clinic; only for a medical examination.

Nyel – My Hero!

Say what?  Back to Casey Eye Clinic who said that I had been there for a follow-up to laser surgery (I had not) and volunteered the information that when Nyel had been in a few weeks previous to my appointment, HE had had to pay the forty dollars for his refraction.  Not trusting our memories (which said, no he didn’t) he called Blue Cross again.  No, Nyel hadn’t paid that forty dollars; Blue Cross had paid because the refraction was part of a vision examination, not a medical examination.

Back to OHSU billing department.  Nyel gave them the number for our Blue Cross vision plan.  Someone from OHSU will call Blue Cross tomorrow and get back to Nyel.  Stay tuned…

If I were a betting woman, I’d say someone mis-coded my November visit to Casey Eye Clinic.  Also, if I were a betting woman, I’d say they probably won’t admit it.  Not in a million years. Maybe the entertainment value is worth the forty bucks.

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  1. Jenny Valencourt

    This Hero shot of Nyel’s amusement is inspiring! Perhaps he watches squirming attempts to justify the mix-ups, overwhelmed med staff and a truly funny article? Much xoxoxo to you!


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