Another Milestone

Jan 20, 2023 | 0 comments

400 pounds!

A year or so so ago, when Nyel and I planned what we wanted on our tombstone, it never occurred to me that it wouldn’t be the two of us overseeing its installation at the Oysterville Cemetery.  But, the “supply chain” got in the way and when all was said and done, it was a full eight months between our order and today’s delivery and, of those eight months, Nyel has been gone seven.

Had he been here, I think he would have been pleased.  The letters in his middle name are such that the pronunciation can be iffy — a matter that Nyel was sensitive about.  We fixed it on the computer mock-up but, still, I held my breath.  Perfect!  And, in the matter of names for me — there are so many!  Would it look okay?  But again, perfect!

…by any other name…

Tucker and Cate met me at the Espy Lot at 9:00 a.m. and the stones came soon after.  Yes, two stones — the base and the main tombstone, both granite.  Each weighed 400 pounds and the men didn’t make lifting and positioning them look easy exactly, but they were obviously well-practiccd and knew precisely what they were doing.

And, betwixt and between, Brad, the elder of the two, answered our questions about other stones nearby.  My great-grandparents’ is sandstone which “mostly” explains why the lettering is wearing away.  It will happen on the granite ones, too, but not as fast and maybe “fixable”… for a while.

The problems with sandstone…

All of us probably had the same thought… “Well, we won’t be around to worry about it…”  For the present, I’m well satisfied.  In the summer, when the Dorothy Perkins are in bloom and when Charlie and Marta are here, we’ll place Nyel’s ashes in front of the monument and scatter the rose petals as we have done for my folks and for Willard and Louise and the other Espys who have gone one — just as they did for those who went before them.  I think they call it “closure.”  I call it “heartbreak.”



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