Another Double-Edged Sword

May 4, 2023 | 0 comments

I guess there’s been a lot of talk lately about the bots taking over the world and destroying us at last.  Well, I can’t say I discount such a possibility, but right now I’m stuck in the world of their somewhat slower and less-able cousins, the computer chips.

First, it was our cars.  Or probably not first, but the first real annoyance.  I think it might have been our PT Cruiser whose heater went out because of a faulty computer connection.  We didn’t think much about it because it was summer and we were on our way to California, so who needed heater, anyway?  However, we soedon learned that the pesky heater’s chip was connect to the air conditioner, as well, and it wasn’t a case of fixing it for the price of one you betcha!  It was not a pleasant trip…

Yesterday my spiffy GE dishwasher went out.  Second time in two months with a variation on the same problem.  The LED panel at the top of the door which controls EVERYTHING has gone into LOCK mode.  Full load of dirty dishes.  No way to get the START button to activate.  I can unlock the controls but pushing START simply activates LOCK again.  And again.  And… ad nauseum.

So I dug out the manual.  No help.  I went on line — even had the model number in case they asked.  Which they did.  I watched the video.  I followed all directions.  Nothing.  I then turned off the breaker switch devoted to the Dishwasher.  (An entire breaker switch to itself??  That has to tell you something…  When I turned it on again, all seemed well.  Nothing locked.  But nothing started either.

I called the appliance store — which also happens to be the place that has taken care of all my appliances for the last forty years.  “This is the second time in a month,” I whined (or maybe yelled.)  “And last time it cost me $99.  This is ridiculous!  And besides, the repair guy lives three blocks from me and fixed on his way to work… “

No comment from the other end.  Just “I can have someone there next Tuesday between 11 and 1.”

Computer chips.  Bah humbug!  What happened to good, old-fashioned on-off switches?


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