And today, another goodbye…

Jan 22, 2022 | 0 comments

Ryan’s funeral is this afternoon.  We won’t be there, except in spirit — once again our hearts overruled by the risks involved from dreaded Covid.  We are sorrier than can be imagined.

We’ve not been to any “gatherings” outside our home since before the pandemic arrived.  Certainly not to any rites of passaage — no weddings or christenings, no graduations or retirement parties, no funerals or memorial services.  As much as we miss concerts and parties and Vespers and theater productions, it is missing those rites of passage that make us feel most bereft.  Not being able to “be there” to support friends and loved ones as they celebrate milestones in their lives leaves a void, forever unfilled.  There have been too many of them.  Funerals are hardest.

As for Ryan — we’ll remember him best as a youngster, whizzing through town on his bike. Chasing or being chased?  We never knew, but probably neither.  The joyful look on his face said only, “Because I can!”


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