And out of the blue, a call from Jeff Quigley!

May 16, 2024 | 0 comments

Jeff and crew with Judy McNeil, Assistant -1984

I haven’t laughed so much for a long time — maybe not since Jeff and John Snyder and I were all teaching at Ocean Park School.  John and I had the two rooms (actually one big L at the south end of the building) and Jeff taught Special Ed out in “The Little White House” just beyond the back door.  We did a lot of cooperative projects — I had forgotten some of them until Jeff reminded me tonight.

One, apparently was taking all of our kids into the gym for P.E. now and then.  “Do you remember when Coach came in and found me all by myself with all those kids?”  (“Coach” was what he and John always called Tom Akerlund, our principal.  I can’t remember why.)  Nor do I remember  exactly how we came up with such an ingenious method of getting a little extra planning time once in a while.  Both Jeff and I agreed that we have to get John in on one of these discussions.  Maybe he’d remember.

Jeff Served As Judge During Several Of the First Croquet Years — Bribable, I think!

We talked about Kip Lance, everybody’s favorite — “The Kipster” Jeff called him. Jeff was reminiscing about trying to teach Kip to run the electric wheelchair Jeff had managed to get for him.  “I don’t THINK he was aiming for me on purpose, but it sure seemed like it!” Jeff said.  And I  remembered how much Kip loved it when Jeff secured him in one of the swings and gave him gentle pushes.  The kids all wanted a turn “to swing Kip” too.  Such fun we all had!

We talked about other stuff, too. Like the time Jeff and his wife were making beer and his mother came to visit.  The beer was in the back closet aging or whatever beer needs to do and because Jeff didn’t have whatever was needed to put on top of the bottles, he sent his dutiful wife to the pharmacy to get a bunch of condoms.  His mom just happened to open that closet door and found all the bottles “standing at attention” Jeff said.  And we laughed some more.

Jeff is still working for the State — now with Adult Protective Services I think he said. At 71, he still has an adopted son at home and maybe a grandson, as well.  One of his daughters is a Major (?) in the National Guard — did a stint in Iraq and in Kuwait and now is Chaplain of her unit…

We made noises about getting together — I hope we do!  Jeff moved from here in the 1980s (I think) and came back once when we celebrated the 150th birthday of this house in 2019.  We all llaighed a lot then, too!  Jeff is definitely one of the good guys.  I imagine he enriches every life he touches — he certainly has enriched mine!


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