…and one or two rabbits in a pile!

Mar 31, 2023 | 0 comments

In August 2020 Amelia and Sam helped their Dad and Opa trim our rhododendrons.

Tucker and Carol took two of their grandchildren on a Bunny Hunt this evening.  Sam and Amelia are visiting — it must be Spring Break in Portland — and Bunny Hunts out at Surfside are something of a family tradition.  It used to be that they would see (and count) thirty or forty or more rabbits in a short ten minute drive-around, but there don’t seem to be as many any more.  Tonight– only eleven rabbits were spotted.

However, the count has now been expanded to include other creatures, as well.  So it was that in addition to the eleven rabbits, they counted eleven deer, six ducks, five geese, two robins, two crows, and one pile of wood!

“What!!  A pile of wood?” I was incredulous.

One of the Surfside Gang

I heard giggling and kibitzing in the background — I think we were on speaker phone.

“Well, it  looked like a rabbit on top of the woodpile,” said Tucker.  “Actually it could have been two rabbits…”

More laughter.

“But it turned out to be no rabbits.  Just a pile of wood.”

I was much relieved to hear that even on a dark and stormy night, the Greater Oysterville Area is still a playground for the young.  And the old.  And even a few bunnies!







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