Amazing What We “Disremember”

Feb 4, 2022 | 1 comment

Repairs In Progress
(Or RIP?)

I’ve been feeling sorta good — not smug exactly, as that is always a danger — just sorta good at having made excellent inroads on the downsizing of the back-forty.  This morning I was just finishing up a repair on a final scrapbook for the Heritage Museum  when I had a thought.  Followed by a sinking feeling.

The repair in question is to the Croquet Scrapbook for Years 1994, 1995, 1996 which suffered serious water damage when our upstairs hot water tank went berserk in 2002.  I’m trying to rebuild the worst pages and toward that end have found photographs for ’94 but not much for the other two years.  “Oh well,” I told myself.  “S*** happens.”

Boxes R Us

But then I thought of that closet in the “Pink Room” upstairs — the only bedroom closet that has any serious storage space.  Didn’t we store some early scrapbook “stuff” up there — stuff that was scheduled to be sorted and dealt with just about the time of the water heater failure all those years ago?  Yes, of course we did. And so, after checking with Nyel, I arranged to have our Infamous Lifting/Lugging/Schlepping Duo, Steve and John, come for drinks and dinner and a little upstairs/downstairs exercise.  “About six boxes,” said I.

THEN I decided to mount the killer stairs and have a look.  TWENTY-ONE BOXES!  OMG!  Big Bankers Boxes.  And other even bigger boxes. Funny how the mind adjusts itself as time goes by…  OMG!

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  1. Cassin Espy

    Wow! So grateful for all you do for Oysterville, the place I love……my genetic hometown!!!!


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