“After we’re gone, who will tell the stories?”

Oct 27, 2022 | 1 comment

Storyteller Jim Sayce

I can’t remember when Jim Sayce called me and asked me that question — maybe 15 or more years ago.  We met and talked it over — how we were the “keepers” and, to some extent “the tellers” of the old Peninsula stories.  And not just the old ones — at least not to our way of thinking.  The stories our folks told us of their childhoods and our own memories of the weird and wonderful adventures we had that simply don’t or can’t happen any more.

Storyteller Cate Gable

Our discussion led, eventually, to the formation of the Community Historians group, sponsored by the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum.  The weekly winter meetings spawned basic interest in the history of the area and led to fabulous research projects — some of which are still on going — to a satellite museum display at North Head, to the caretaking of a Pioneer Family gravesite, and to the publication of at least one book.  HOORAY!!

Storyteller Judy Eron

Then, of course, came Covid and sheltering and social distancing and changes in many things.  What of the Community Historians now?  I’ve heard several ideas — all good — none of which get back to Jim’s basic question.  I hope there are folks “out there” who are recording the stories they know and remember — in journals, on blogs, in potential books, or perhaps in photographic essays or… who knows.

Storyteller Aaron Webster

And, I’m not so sure the stories have to be “new.”  We’ve lost much of the oral tradition these days — telling the same stories generation after generation and thereby shaping our mores and customs and cultures.  So, perhaps it’s time to retell them in different ways — publish them so they can continue to be read and told — perhaps adding more that has become known or including several “versions.”

Can you tell that I’m noodling a new project of my own?  Stay tuned…

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  1. Keith

    I need to carve out time to come visit. I love that you are “noodling” a new…


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