A Special Note to My Blog-Followers

May 2, 2024 | 7 comments

Dear Ones,

First, thank you so much for sticking with me during this time of website transition.  Mostly, it has gone smoothly and I am very pleased with the outcome — simpler, more current, and organized so that you can go to the specific information you need — 1) the Home page about me and upcoming presentations or book talks 2)The Oysterville Daybook page from which you can access my current blog as well as any of the 4800+ Daybook entries since 2010 or 3) the Books section which will tell you about all of the books I’ve written — both in and out of print — and where they can be found.

I cannot say enough about the professionalism and clarity that my Web Manager Sarah Day has offered throughout this process, providing options and ideas and seemingly reading my mind about my wishes for this new website.  Nevertheless, there has been one major glitch  which Sarah is continuing to explore.  As far as I know, the problem only affects those who access and read my blog via Face Book.

For some reason, they are not getting the three or four photographs or pictures that accompany each of my blogs.  One friend showed me his cell phone feed of my Monday blog — just empty gray squares where the pictures should be.  On the Tuesday blog, he did get the first photo of the Shamrock and Reliable launches but none of the other three — just the gray rectangles.  Please let me know if this is your experience, too!

Meanwhile Sarah is researching the problem and this morning wrote this:   The good news: I discovered the cause of the problem. It has to do with changing the domain over.  However, getting Facebook to “refresh” all the posts is another story. It will automatically do this within a 30 day period, but supposedly, there’s a way to force it. Unfortunately, it’s a little tricky, and I haven’t figured it out yet.

So, my intrepid blog readers, keep good thoughts — and if you are having this problem and it’s possible to access my blog from your computer or ipad you might try that.  Sorry for all the inconvenience!


  1. Caroline Miller

    I have had trouble with the picture that accompanies my blog today on Facebook, “The Golden Mean.” Not sure why. My guru will have to look into it.

  2. Nancy Miller

    I have been able to get them.

    • Sydney Stevens

      Thanks, Nancy!

  3. Bill

    God is telling you Facebook is evil

  4. Judy Franklin

    I use IPhone and am getting your pictures just fine- no issues!
    Great job to you and your website designer.

  5. Sharyn Hedbloom

    Full disclosure I am just accessing your blog site, so have not experienced the Facebook issues. I took a quick look at the blog site and it looks great. I will return and spend more time looking at pictures and reading past blogs. You are very impressive, Sydney. Sometimes I can’t even navigate my phone, let alone writing a daily blog, navigating social media, and posting in more than one place. So I guess I’m saying congrats to you. Have a beautiful spring.❤️

    • Sydney Stevens

      I, too, have trouble navigating my phone AND my computer! I just hooe it’s not a metaphor for what’s happening in my brain! But thank you for the positive feedback. My mantra has always been “APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING” so as long as I appear to be doing something positive, I’m happy! Miss you. Maybe you’ll make it over to Vespers tjis summer. Meanwhile, I’m sending you an invitation to a House Concert her with hopes that you can come!


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