A Perfect Weekend

Jun 16, 2024 | 0 comments

Christl, Barbara. and Fred after a FABULOUS Vespers Concert – Photo by Vicki Carter

Books and authors, music and musicians!  What could be better on the final weekend of June — and a sunny one (mostly!) at that!


Layer by layer and line by line, Erin Malone’s poems made the world look differently to me.

Saturday at Time Enough Books in Ilwaco was a lovely gathering to hear authors Shawn Wong, Erin Malone, and Jane Wong read from their works — some newish and some not so recent.  All dealt with subjects that kept me intrigued and musing far into the night — Erin’s poetry concerning the death of her brother when she was 13 and he 11; Shawn’s excerpt from his  “romantic beach book,” American Knees, dealing with the mental gymnastics of an Asian invited to a party as… what?  The token non-caucasian or… maybe not; and Jane’s stunning poem (written here in 2018 when she was a resident at Willapa Bay AIR) as well as excerpts from her recent award-winning book, Meet Me Tonight In Atlantic City.

Shawn Wong’s “beach book!”

I was still, processing, thinking, reading from their books that I had purchased when, suddenly, it was today!  Father’s Day and the first Music Vespers Service of the Season with Fred Carter!!   And as if Fred wasn’t enough…  he shared the stage with Christ’l Mack and did a final bloc buster “Send in the Clowns” with Barbara Bate accompanying him on the piano.  Wow, Fred!  You never cease to amaze — and you have the most talented musical partners ever!

And to finish up the weekend — a zoom chat with Charlie and Marta,   What a lovely way to complete yet another wonderful weekend in our ever-enriching environment.  How lucky we are!


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