A Lot More Fun Than Anticipated

Aug 10, 2021 | 0 comments

First Stop: Oysterville Post Office

It’s always gratifying when a day of errands and clean-up and boring old have-to’s turns into a day of pleasant surprises.  And through no effort or fault of your own.

I did the usual house and garden and chicken chores, waited for Nyel to do an invoice for a dozen ghost books for the Cranberry Museum, and set out out to deliver the order.  First stop:  Oysterville Post Office  Mailed the outgoing.  Nothing incoming.  Halfway to Cranberry Museum I noticed I’d missed sending the AT&T payment.  Drat.  “On my way back,” thought I.

At the Cranberry Museum there was a line.  It was 11:00 straight up.  Presumably they’d been open an hour.  But there was a notice on the door:  “Open at 11:00” and something about a “Private Party.”  Yes, I thought I’d seen a group of kids out on a tour of the bogs…

I lugged the books around to the back door (which was wide open) went in through the conference room, through the kitchen, skirted the museum (and another group of kids and several adults — all of whom were masked, as was I) and on into the Gift Shop.  As I set books and invoice on the counter, a woman suddenly materialized in front of me.  “Sydney?” “Miki?”

It was all I could do to keep from giving her a huge hug, “re-sheltering” or not.  She was there as a volunteer adult presence for a Long Beach Elementary Summer School field trip to the Cranberry Museum.  (Of course she was!  It there is a need, especially with kids involved, Miki will be there!)  We did a two-minute catch up and promised ourselves a coffee get together.  Somewhere.  Soon.

As I drove off the grounds, I had to stop as that group of bog-touring kids crossed the road.  And who should I see but Ardelle, another long-since retired teaching colleague — but, of course, she has a pretty heavy-duty cranberry connection, too!  Fun to see her with a group of kids instead of riding around the bogs on her tractor.

And… back at the Post Office, the strangest encounter of all.  A lovely woman introduced herself to me — said she knew Nyel from our old Bookvendor days.  “I was very sorry to read what your neighbor had to say in the paper recently about Nyel’s truck.  You’d be surprised how many people have mentioned how inappropriate those comments were.”  I wasn’t quite sure how to respond.  But I was grateful for her words.

Errand day turned out to be better than anticipated.  For sure.




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