50 years of friendship revisited once again!

Apr 19, 2023 | 0 comments

Noel and David

By process of elimination, you can tell who the photographer was.  Pat Thomas, as always, doing our due diligence for us and the rest of us oblivious.

Don at the head of the table.

Don McQuarrie, looking slim and trim after some scary medical times last year.  Ann and Tony Kischner, relaxed and (for once!) enjoying a totally sit-down meal with us at their former restaurant, the Bridgewater Bistro.  All thumbs up for their fabulous choice of new owners!

Chris, Sydney, Ann

Chris and David Jensen, doing a bit of chair swapping throughout dinner to get in on various conversations.  Sydney, eating a ribeye steak (Nyel’s favorite!) for memories and old time’s sake.  And Noel, looking fabulous despite miserable medical news.

Laura?  Where are you?  Perhaps  assisting Patty with the tricky shots of the rest of us.  All WERE present and accounted for.  Honest!

Ann and Tony, finally sitting down with us for the entire meal this year!



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