Tomorrow! It’s Fred Carter in Ocean Park!

Thursday, February 1, 2024

If there are two things that definitely belong together, it’s music (especially of the acoustic variety) and books.  So what could be better than an afternoon of “acoustic guitar music with local musician Fred Carter” at the Ocean Park Timberland Library.  I can’t imagine that any of my readers don’t know — but just in case —  “Fred plays a variety of mid-century American and British rock and folk music.”  Well, that’s what the Library’s webpage says. but if you know Fred, that word “variety” doesn’t really cut it.  Fred can play almost ANYthing.  Once he has heard it, he can play it — a remarkable gift indeed.

And as for the acoustic part… well, that’s been a continuing “discussion” between Fred and myself for some time now.  I am not of fan of amplified/electrified/plugged-in music and so I’ve been pretty tight about keeping the House Concerts here acoustic-only venues.  It’s an ongoing (and fairly civil) argument that Fred and I have, and I must say that he has always gracefully adhered to my wishes in his concerts here. I was delighted to read that his gig tomorrow at the O.P. Library will be acoustic (and honestly, Fred, I wasn’t given any opportunity to influence anyone!)

He’ll be playing from 2:00 to 3:30 tomorrow — I imagine in the Meeting Room at the Library, although I went to an Aaron English concert there years ago in the computer room as I remember.  But I don’t think Fred will be hard to find.  Follow the crowd!  Better yet, get there early to get a good seat.  Right next to me!


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