Our Heavenly Oysterville Sky!

February 6. 2024

Evening Sky

Where was I when the sky was showing off?

Or was Tucker the only one it was struttin’ its stuff for?

Do you think it’s because he has an artist’s eye?

Or does he spend more time looking than the we do?

Perhaps he and the heavens have a special arrangement —

One we aren’t privy to.

But never mind.

We don’t need to know the secret…

Tucker shares with us, anyway!

Thank heavens!  (No.  Thank Tucker!)


2 Responses to “Our Heavenly Oysterville Sky!”

  1. marianne vogel says:

    T ucker hat ein geschultes Künstlerauge, sieht man an seinen Bildern, immer etwas besonderes

  2. sydney says:

    Yes! We are so lucky to have Tucker and Carol as neighbors! They enrich the lives of us all every day!
    When are you coming back for a visit?

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