Not at all as expected — thank goodness!

I’ve often thought that Oysterville exists in some parallel universe.  Or maybe it’s just this house   Yesterday was no exception.  The winds gusted and whipped and whistled most of the day to the point that I chose to forego the mail run and just wait until Monday.  I fully expected that our power would go out at some point.  I mean how hard can those poor old trees hang onto their limbs, anyway?

But the power stayed on.  The house stayed warm(ish) and the PUD crews lucked out — at least with regard to our little Brigadoon.  Out of curiosity, I checked what the wind gusts measured here yesterday.  “16.1 mph S at 12:13 PM” was the Wind Gust High, according to a site that gives daily weather stats for the Long Beach Peninsula!  If that statistic isn’t proof that Oysterville exists on some other plane, I don’t know what is.  I’ve been in this house through many a storm with “hurricane-force winds” and yesterdays gusts were right up there.

Perhaps the stats were for Long Beach, itself, and not for the Peninsula as a whole.  That would not surprise me.  The weather patterns change every few miles along the Peninsula’s 28-mile-length.  And, of course, even though “Oysterville” may be the only community with that name in our whole wide world (except for Oysterville, Oregon, which has been under water for a century or so) it’s still hard to get any information specific to this little enclave.

In my head, anyway, yesterday’s gusts were more like 61.1 mph.  I choose to believe that the weather stats reporter had a slight attack of dyslexia when he entered his numbers for the Long Beach, WA area.  Just sayin’…

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