Just east of our back fence…

Look who’s in our plum tree??? Photo by Cate Gable

Look who  Cate spotted in Nyel’s plum tree the other day!  The pesky porcupine that ate all of the Wachsmuth’s apples!  Of course, it’s hard to tell with porcupines, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same one.  After all, we don’t often see any of these slow-moving critters in town and this one does look pretty familiar.  And smug.

Tucker checked out the few plums (actually they’re Italian prunes) Mr. Porcupine left on the upper branches and reports that they are still a bit tart.  We (Tucker on his ladder, me on terra firma with a container) are going to try to get them on Saturday — if any remain!

And today, while I was at the dentist, the meadow just beyond that plummy prune tree disappeared!  Just like that!!  Chris-The-Mower-Man was here and what a grand job he did!  Have you noticed the ORF Meadow as you come into town from the south?  Beautiful! And it’s so nice to see Willard’s Bench once again after its summer disappearance in the tall grasses!

Our Gorgeous Meadow Ready For Autumn!

I hope we have a month or two to enjoy the beauty of the shorn meadow grasses before the winter tides and rains start creating their puddles and lakes out there.  But, I love those, too — especially when the ducks get to dabbling and it’s splash-full of watery activity out there beyond my windows!  It is hard to believe, though, that summer is just about over!  I hope I enjoyed it.  It seemed to dash by so in a blink this year!

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  1. Rhonda Piasecki says:

    I spotted this little guy on 9/5 in your plum tree! I was heading towards the bay to sit on the bench and I noticed lots of Italian plums on the ground. I looked up in the tree and saw him there! I mentioned it to someone walking by and he said they were pretty rare in the area. I have a photo, but didn’t know how to upload here.
    What a great place to be. I’ve enjoyed my month long stay here near Oysterville and came here often to walk along the bay and tree lined street. (Often stopping for a cup of clam chowder or sitting on Willard Espy’s bench beneath the alder trees.) Memories to last a lifetime.

  2. sydney says:

    He’s definitely making the rounds of the neighborhood fruit trees. For whatever reason, he left me plenty of plums — enough to share with my neighbor Tucker who climbed a ladder to pick all the rest! (Mr. Porcupine had wiped out Tucker and Carol’s apple crop, so I’m glad I had SOMEthing to share with them!)
    So glad you enjoyed your time here. How did you happen to be here for a whole month? I’d have invited you in for a little house tour and visit, had I known!
    Thanks so much for making contact. Do let me know if ever you are back this way. Sydney

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