I’m counting on birthday luck!

When Nyel and I signed up for Starlink and said “bye-bye” to CenturyLink, we truly thought that there would be smooth internet sailing… at least for a while.  Well, there was.  If you count four months as “a while.”

And then, Elon Musk moved (or took down or who knows) one of his satellites — maybe something to do with the Defense Department or with astronomers or something dire.  It was the satellite that effects starlink dishes that are facing north.  Like ours.

Now, the best way to face is west, apparently.  All very well and good unless your two-story house is to the  west.  As in the dish’s face.  So now, when I try to zoom with my loved ones, I get a message on my computer screen that my “internet service will be disrupted every 43 seconds.”  We are back to conference calls on our cell phones for the time being.  Moving the dish will require finding a spot, someone to re-mount it, an electrician and who knows what all.  And, besides, I have learned that Mr. Musk is not to be trusted.

So, today I called Pacific County Public Works Department to find out anything I could about the cable that “someone” has been busy laying along the right-of-way on Territory Road in Oysterville and beyond.  “Charter Communications” the helpful voice on the end of the  line said, and gave me their phone number.


I’m not just sure who I talked to when I called that number but whoever it was said there would soon be “some marketing” and as of February 28th, homeowners would be able to sign up for their service.  February 28th!!!  That’s my birthday!  I can’t think of a better present.

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