If it ain’t one damned thing…

Timing Is Everything

So, now it’s the dishwasher.  Relatively new (more’s the pity) and probably its innards are a mass of computer chips.  The “control panel” is a spiffy looking array of words in LED lights which are also what you are to press in lieu of buttons.  Buttons, of course are old school.  Forget buttons.   There are many choices; many non-buttons to press.

All went well for a year of so but, as is always the way with such “time and energy savers,”  last night it balked.  Lights on.  Nobody home.  And, of course, I’d had company for dinner and the dishwasher was full-to-overflowing with dirty dishes pluse the glasses from our Friday Night Gathering.

Find the manual — actually sort of a non-manual that might be helpful if I had my glasses back.  But the three weeks won’t be up until Tuesday so I tried the computer instead with a long string of letters and numbers that I tried to see with a magnifying glass on the inside of the door — sideways of course.

Go the the computer; type in make and (I hope) model number.  In a situation like mine, I need to reboot and after following the directions meticulously, I wanted to tell SOMEone what to do with that boot.  (And besides… Fred and Kevin had already tried the reboot trick by turning off the breaker switch.  It didn’t work then, either.)

I called the appliance repair people who are always very kind and always very booked.  They’ll be here between 8 and 10 on January 30th.  Okay.  It’s only time and money.  And what was wrong with dishpan, drainboard, and dishtowel, anyway?  I can’t remember ever having to make an appointment with a repairman in those days…  And, last weekend’s leaky pipe has been taken care of so there’s hot and cold running water again!   So… life is good, eh?



2 Responses to “If it ain’t one damned thing…”

  1. Fern Fey says:

    Be prepared to hear the following words and phrases— it’s the supply chain, thank you for your patience, we’ll try to expedite it, we’ll call when the parts come in.? Our new fridge stopped working on Dec. 7. (Still under warrantee). Needs 3 parts to fix. We’re still living out of coolers and lots of ice. But, we’re in Az. So at least our weather is a little better than yours. I wish you luck with your dishwasher.

  2. sydney says:

    Actually, I was SO lucky with the dishwasher! The appliance repair place is across the river in Warrenton but the guy who works the Peninsula lives over here and very close by. It was an easy fix and he told me he’d try to arrange a “no charge.” That must have happened because I haven’t seen a bill! YAY!

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