About My Big Girl Panties…

I don’t think they fit quite yet.  Either that or the elastic broke.  I keep pulling them up and pulling them up and I still can’t quite pass for a grown-up.

But then, I look around a bit and wonder if that exalted state of “adulthood” is all it’s cracked up to be.  I’m not seeing many great examples, anyway.  Not in our political  leadership.  Not among many of the educators or parents or those we should be looking to as examples.  Certainly not a plethora.

The definition Merriam-Webster gives for “adult” is:  “fully developed and mature : GROWN UP” which doesn’t help all that much.  Like Santa Claus, “adult”seems to be an idea held up to kids in the hope that their childhood visions of sugarplums (or in this case, of a better world) will somehow come to fruition.

Well, I still believe in Santa Claus.  And I probably still believe that somewhere there are adults who not only make the rules but obey them.  I’m just not sure there are enough of them (adults, not rules)  anymore to make an impact.  Or maybe we’ve finally run out of elastic, plain and simple.

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