A Change In The Weather?

I once taught with a woman who explained every negative (not the positive, mind you) happening in her classroom with “a change in the weather.”  It didn’t appear to me that there was ever cause for this theory,  In the California’s Bay Area, the weather doesn’t change all that dramatically… or often.  Not usually.  Not in the 1960s.

But, today, I am having a severe attach of “the sleepies” for no reason at all.  I slept well last night, woke feeling rested and with several projects calling to me — projects that I actually wanted to do.  It’s not like I’m sleep deprived or falling into that “need a nap” avoidance behavior.  And besides, it’s not even noon yet.

I even had a good breakfast — at least I thought so.  Two pieces of sourdough toast slathered with butter and chunky Adams peanut butter.  Plus a glass of cranberry juice and a cup of decaf coffee.  I’m surely not calorie-deprived or vitamin-deprived either.

So… I’m reverting sixty-some years and picking up on my neighboring teacher’s blanket excuse — it must be a change in the weather!  I can’t really prove that by looking outside or even at the various thermometers and barometers around the premises.  But… it seems reason enough to me.  Especially reason enough for an early (before lunch nap!)

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