Yesterday: perfection! Today: not so much!

Yesterday, The View From My Garden

I never did understand that old expression, “It’s the exception that  proves the rule.”  Just what does that mean, anyway?  But even though it remains a mystery, I think yesterday’s weather was probably that exception.

“The rule, in this case is:  when it’s hot inland, the fog rolls in off the ocean and the coast is socked in.  And, I might add, that my dad always said (and it usually proved true), “Oh this will all burn off by 11 o’clock.”  But I don’t think that’s part of the rule.

Today: No Sun, No Blue Sky, No Wind, No Sailboat

Well yesterday, it was what I would consider a textbook summer weather day in Oysterville.  Triple digits in Portland the tourists complained, misty-moisty here in the morning, breezy blue skies in the afternoon.  A perfect day!  Both the weatherman and my dad were right!

By 3:30, I was sitting outside in the sunshine, reading my book with one eye and, with the other, watching a lone sailboat on the bay.  Tucker has the buoys out marking the course for the upcoming regatta and whoever was sailing out there was doing practice run after practice run — or so it looked from here.  There was just enough wind to keep the boat moving right along, but I didn’t see any wave action and no dumping.  In fact it was picture perfect.

Clark Wachsmuth during his winning race in a recent regatta.

Today, apparently was the “rule day.”  I drove to Jack’s Country Store in the fog and the man behind me in the grocery line was revelling in the cool.  He said it was another triple digit day in Portland and he was SO happy to be here.  We speculated about when it would burn off.  But… it didn’t.

It was foggy all day.  So it must have been yesterday that proved the proverbial rule — though I still don’t get it.  As far as I’m concrned, another sailboat under blue skies all afternoon should BE the rule!  Maybe tomorrow!

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