Suddenly… from frightful to delightful!

Sunshiny Blue Skies

Sunshiny Blue Skies – 1/9/2022

Eight o’clock this morning:  Chicken duty accomplished in shirtsleeves!  It’s hard to believe that just ten days ago I was slipping and sliding my way to Long Beach on icy, snowy. slushy roads.  In fact, in some places the roads were bare and dry.  Maybe there should have been a report that said:  Peninsula Road Conditions: Variable.

Long Shadows in the Morning

I think that the Old Farmer must have cut right to today when he was giving his Almanac predictions for the 2022 winter weather in the Pacific Northwest — “milder than normal” is what he said. I sure thought his crystal ball had gone funny on him during that nasty spell at the end of December.  I hope to goodness we’re all back on track now.  As Nyel says whenever the sun shines in mid-winter, “It’s practically tropical out!”  (Never mind that our outdoor temperature is hovering at 44°F right now.)  Looks like summer; feels like summer.

Chicken Toes in The Grass

And the chickens are ecstatic!  They are out poking around, looking for insects and grubs and maybe a few seeds or tasty bits of winter vegetation.   Mostly, they tell me, they are just glad to feel the grass between their toes — not that freezing white stuff.  And they didn’t much appreciate the bay water that flooded their coop run last week — way too salty for any practical purpose.  Like drinking.  I didn’t even need to remind them that salt isn’t good for chickens; they already knew it.

As much as I wish to get out and “enjoy a breath of fresh air,” my Spooky Stories deadline looms.  When Chaucer didn’t include weather in his phrase “time and tide wait for no man” I can only hope that he knew what he was doing.  Maybe the weather will hold until my January 17th deadline is over.  We can but hope.



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