Let’s hear it for rainy-day tree-climbers!

Before: Two Halves Of The Cryptomeria Japonica Pulling Apart From One Another

We happened to see their truck pull up — Arbor Care.  It was pouring rain and I didn’t go out.  I was pretty sure it was Austin who had looked our cryptomeria japonica tree over a few weeks ago and told us what they could do to save the weak half.  The half that could fall in the next big storm. And right on the chicken coop, too.

Actually, we’ve had a couple of storms since Austin’s visit and I’ve watched the swaying and hoped for the best.  Hoped for the chickens and for the rhododendrons that would be taken on its way down.  And I worried that maybe the “good half” wouldn’t survive the trauma.

But here they were.  Two guys from Arbor Care.  Was one of them Jon?  Was he the climber?  They were both hooded and jacketed against the downpour so it was hard to tell.  And I wasn’t about to go out.  Maybe they would come to the door on their way out.

At one point when I glanced out, the tall one had taken off his jacket.  It was still pouring and his wet shirt stuck to him like saran wrap. It didn’t seem to phase him — no hurried movements.  He was putting on gear — a tool belt maybe and I don’t know what else.  It was hard to see through the downpour.  Then he was measuring out a cable, looping it around to carry up with him I guess.  Methodical.  And never mind the rain.  Wow!

After: Two Halves Of The Cryptomeria Japonica Snuggled Up To One Another

The next time I looked out I could see his dark form between the two halves of the trunk.  Indistinct but moving upward.  And the rain continued.  It wasn’t yet too windy.  Thank goodness.  The mom in me might have had to embarrass us all.  As it was, I wanted to say, “This isn’t a good day to climb trees!” But of course I didn’t.

And the next time I looked they were gone.  So was the truck.  I hoped they were headed for a hot shower… But probably not.  Probably one of those “all in a day’s work” things.  As for the tree — the halves looked snuggled up to one another and much more secure.  YAY!

I really REALLY admire people who are good at their jobs!  Especially jobs I wouldn’t even consider in a million years — rain or shine!  Thanks, Arbor Care guys!  You are the best!

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