It coulda/shoulda/woulda been…

Today would have been Nyel’s 79th birthday.  I had every intention that we would be celebrating it together — as well as at least two more.   In fact, I began talking about his “80th” shortly after we met.  He was telling me about the doctor’s prediction when he was first diagnosed with a heart murmur.  “You’ll probably live to be 70,” that doctor had said.  At the time of that prognosis, Nyel was five years old and 70 undoubtedly sounded like an impossibly high number.

“Let’s revise that,” I suggested.  “Doncha think 80 sounds a lot better?”  I think Nyel  was in his early forties at that time — younger than springtime, it seemed.  And, besides, I was seven and a half years older than he so it seemed only fair that he should hang around to enjoy “old age” with me.  (And if you fail to see the logic in my reasoning, never mind.  Apparently, the old-age-magicians didn’t get it either.)

We had talked about what we would do on this day.  Maybe a small party, we thought.  Or maybe just go out to dinner.  But as the Spring struggled by and Nyel’s strength diminished, we decided we’d just have a simple dinner at home featuring a ribeye steak, steamed rice, and fresh asparagus.  Just the two of us.

And, though it will only be me, I’m sticking to the plan.  Happy Birthday, my valiant Nyel!  I knew way back when that your first doctor was wrong!  I only wish that I could have been right!

7 Responses to “It coulda/shoulda/woulda been…”

  1. Cate Gable says:

    Sydney: I might have wanted to wangle into that rib eye too. But “just the two of you@ sounds perfect. Nyel whoever is enjoying your company now, lucky they be!

  2. Jayne Ficken says:

    Sydney, I am so sorry to hear of Angel’ passing. My sincere condolences to you. Sending you ? and thoughts.
    Jayne Briscoe Ficken

  3. Jayne Ficken says:

    So sorry! Darn autocorrect!!! Nyel, not angels. Though maybe Angel is appropriate?

  4. Cuzzin Ralph says:

    Cuzzin Sydney, I concur that predictions by those who take the Hippocratic oath should not be completely trusted. What a great guy! If not for him running the Book Vendor, sis Cheryl and I might not have ever connected even though distantly related as 3rd cuzzins twice removed (mnemonic 3.2 cuzzins as in the old beer alcoholic percentage!). By the way asparagus is my favorite vegetable!

  5. Sending birthday wishes to you and Nyel. In your heart, he made it to 80 and will live a lot longer.

  6. sydney says:

    Thank you, Jayne.

  7. Bev Garretson says:

    Happy Heavenly Birthday Nyel

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