I’m sure I should have known that!

Our camillia in greener, glossier days.

I really hadn’t noticed until our “Garden Girls” called it to my attention:  the leaves on our camellia bushes — especially the one on the south side of the house — have turned from glossy green to a lemony yellow.  “Have they ever done that before?” asked Glenna,  “Not that I remember.”  Which is becoming a standard answer to most questions these days (as far as I can remember!)

So they looked it up.  “Too much moisture.”  Well… there you have it!  The story of our year, so far.  Apparently, the condition is not fatal to camellias — they just have to weather through it, so to speak.  It all reminded me of a letter my Aunt Medora wrote to one of her “chums” back in  September of 1913 when she was fourteen years old.  I know I’ve blogged about it before, but Medora’s words are always worth another look:

Medora in the Garden c. 1913

We are having a regular winter storm.  Do you know what a storm is?  Not an Oysterville one.  You see, we get from both the ocean and the bay.  The wind has already knocked the remainder of our cherry tree down; the cupboard of dishes in Sue’s playhouse toppled over and consequently she will have to abandon her house till next summer; a great piece of the trimmings of our house blew off; apples and pears litter the ground.  It is a real storm.  The bay is covered with white caps; the water has covered our lower meadow and you could almost go down the lane leading from our house to the bay in a dinghy.  To cap it all, it has rained night and day since Monday evening in regular torrents.  It is not an unusual storm.  The natives merely remark, “Sort of wet today.”

Never mind that it hasn’t been stormy.  And never mind that it’s not autumn.  It’s the “Sort of wet today” that has rattled around in my head for most of 2022.  Medora would have found that some things in her beloved Oysterville had not changed much over the last hundred years!

2 Responses to “I’m sure I should have known that!”

  1. Barbara Parsons says:

    Ah- sort of wet today- underplaying the storm which constantly rages around us!! I love it. Such an English way of understatement. The chin just pushes up a bit higher, the shoulders go back a bit further, and courage is restored. We shall endure. And when we do not, the next generation shall. Sort of wet today.

  2. Dearest Cuz, I really love Medora… don’t we all? And yes, Barbara, we shall endure. I only wish that those of us transplanted to Sacramento could avail ourselves of a gullywasher here…it is so very dry. Not natural. Wishing very hard for sort of wet today… Love, KK

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